Quality Policy

MSZ EN ISO9001:2015

The management of Fuserwise IT Solutions Kft. is committed to meeting the high standards of customer satisfaction, complying with regulatory requirements, standards, meeting the expectations of stakeholders, and continuously improving their quality and performance.

Our company's main goal is to achieve growth by providing scalable and flexible services of excellent quality accessible to all market participants. The management recognizes that providing quality services is vital to the long-term success of the company. To this end, the management ensures compliance with the
ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management systems through its implementation, certification, application, and improvement, to ensure that

Software Development and Software Testing

services in these areas are continuously improved, transparent, with a strong emphasis on customer needs, thus providing one of the most reliable partnerships.

The main objective of the management is the high-level, controllable, and transparent management of business activities and the efficient operation of the quality management system to achieve the company's strategic and operational objectives, prioritizing the establishment of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders.

To achieve our goals and ensure continuous performance, Fuserwise IT Solutions Kft. implements, operates, and improves a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard based on the following principles:

1. Clearly define the company's activities.
2. Require and support continuous development and training of all employees and partners.
3. Ensure that the professional knowledge of all employees meets the requirements for quality work.
4. Continuously monitor and evaluate the efficiency of the system's operation; take corrective actions as necessary, thereby ensuring continuous improvement of the system.
5. Demonstrate commitment to quality management as a fundamental requirement for all job positions. We extend the demand for quality-oriented work to all our employees and provide them with continuous training.
6. Place great emphasis on understanding our external and internal environments, adopting a process-oriented approach, and applying a risk-based mindset in our activities.
7. Ensure that our Quality Policy is known, understood, and accepted by all employees, subcontractors, and stakeholders.
Dated: 2024.01.04