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Fuserwise IT Solutions Kft

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I highly value the dependability and flexibility that I can count on when working together with Fuserwise. They take initiative when needed and have proven to adapt seamlessly to our specific requirements in quality assurance and custom solutions centered around our IDP platform.
Benjamin von Deschwanden
CPO, Acodis AG​

Fuserwise is more than just a word we came up with.

It's a concept that represents our company and our approach to business. A name that embodies our goal to intelligently and efficiently combine various elements to create a cohesive and effective final product for our clients. Fuserwise is providing an approach of high-quality quality assurance. development and consulting services to companies looking to optimize their operations and workflows.

Our Services

Software Testing

Fuserwise offers flexible and comprehensive project based QA services to ensure our clients' products and systems are reliable and efficient. We're here to help from building up QA from scratch, to handle specific projects or to improve your current operation.

Software Development

We provide a variety of development services to companies across different industries and of various sizes. Our developers are equipped to handle projects of all scopes, whether it be a complete development process from design to implementation or a specific tasks.

Business and IT Consulting

Our Business and IT Process Development Consulting services are designed to help your team unlock their full potential and drive success. From transformation and implementation to leadership training, we provide the support your business needs to thrive.


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A Partnership in Optimizing Resources and Assuring Quality

Winterthur, Switzerland / Acodis AG

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