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No long term commitment.
No hiring.
No employment costs.
No benching.

Pricing plan


With our flexible service framework, your QA team will perfectly fit and adjust to your current needs.
Manual QA Engineer
0.5 FTE
Test Automation Engineer
0.0 FTE
Test Manager
0.3 FTE
1 FTE = 18 days per month in average


The cost of a 0.8 FTE QA Team with

Manual QA Engineer
Test Automation Engineer
Test Manager



Per day


per month


Neither in-house team nor outsourcing. We are an extension of your development team.

We are flexible.

Pay as you go, use what you need.

We are scalable.

All testing competencies in one service.

We are transparent.

Integrated team with transparent reports.

Learn how we help!

Fuserwise's scalable and flexible software testing services can help companies at any scale.

We help Startups to have their product reliable. We scale with the product. We do what you need.


We can start small and then scale up the testing resources gradually as you grow and quickly switch to different testing competencies as needed.

Our service scales with your product without time loss in hiring, trainings and a compulsory long-term commitment while acting just like your very own on-site team.

Using our flexible framework, introducing proper testing is now possible for the fraction of the costs of building up an on-site team.

Without any long term commitment, investment or management overhead, Fuserwise's main priority is to keep your product reliable and to ensure your starting business' reputation from the very beginning which will be your market advantage.

We help Development Companies to take care of the quality of their projects. We join your development team and help with your QA processes.

Software Development Companies

Testing short term development projects are now possible with Fuserwise even for projects as short as 1-6 months with as little resource as 0.4 FTE.

Our calculator gives you the estimate for your project which you can use in your quote. It is transparent and plannable, just as our whole operation.

No need for in-house QA team at all. Even for a 0.4 FTE manual tester, we can assign a Test Manager who will coordinate, document and report the whole testing process.

Be the one who is properly testing their project. Get the market advantage with proper testing instead of letting the customers, support or analysts to test.

We help IT Leaders with an external, objective view of their projects. We ensure that your reputation is safe and your product is reliable.

IT Leaders

We provide you the objective testing resource you need, which is independent from your development team’s biases, but integrates well into your team providing monthly reports on quality and efficiency.

We are safeguarding your user requirements, integrating closely into your team, but managing ourselves, thus eliminating the extra management needs that usually come with a new employee.

We can take your next project’s challenge (such as introducing automation or performance testing) on our shoulders or just balance the fluctuating resource needs with an extra hand to your team.

We ensure that your software product is reliable with an independent eye in a highly efficient manner, working closely with your development team. You have access to all our resources, having the possibility to upscale risk management in a few days by a test manager, start test automation from the next month or introduce performance testing as needed.

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I highly value the dependability and flexibility that I can count on when working together with Fuserwise. They take initiative when needed and have proven to adapt seamlessly to our specific requirements in quality assurance and custom solutions centered around our IDP platform.
Benjamin von Deschwanden
CPO, Acodis AG​

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