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Our mission is to make software products reliable for everyone, at any scale. We pride ourselves on being highly flexible and adaptable, able to work with companies of all sizes and in various industries. At Fuserwise, we are dedicated to providing top-notch service and delivering results that exceed expectations. which will result in your product being more reliable, having the QA workflows streamlined.

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We are available from the initial stages to offer you a precise plan on how QA workflows should be integrated into your product's development pipeline. Our consulting services can be advantageous if you seek guidance on one of the most critical aspects of your product: its reliability.

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Manual Testing

Fuserwise provides extensive QA services to guarantee the reliability, efficiency, and adherence to industry standards of our clients' products, services, and systems. We aim to simplify your manual testing procedures, develop, enhance, or expand your test repository, and participate in on-demand manual testing projects as needed.

Test Automation

While having a reliable set of manual tests that encompass your product's core functions is essential, it doesn't mark the conclusion. Valuable resources can be conserved, and quality can be assured at any development stage by running tests efficiently, in an automated manner. We are keen to learn more about your product and its functionality so that, in collaboration with your team, we can establish a plan and employ the appropriate technology stack to elevate your test repository to the next level by automating it.

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Our Technology Stack

As a company that provides IT solutions, our technology stack includes a variety of tools and frameworks to help us deliver high-quality services to our clients. This includes experience in programming languages such as Java, PHP and Spring Boot, as well as expertise in big data technologies like Kafka. We also have experience in database management systems such as PostgreSQL, and we use a variety of tools and technologies to ensure that our clients' projects are delivered on time and within budget.
Additionally, we are constantly researching and keeping up to date with new technologies to ensure that we can deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

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