About Us

Fuserwise is more than just a word, it's a concept that represents our company and our approach to business. A name that embodies our goal to intelligently and efficiently combine various elements to create a cohesive and effective final product for our clients.
Fuserwise Developer and Tester Outsourcing

Our background

Fuserwise was established by computer science engineers who envisioned revolutionizing the software development industry through the provision of high-quality software testing services. We recognized that, instead of being the default practice, software testing was often treated as an additional effort for companies. Our operations and technologies have been configured to collaborate with companies having diverse QA needs for their software products. We are committed to ongoing improvement and adaptation to the constantly evolving technology landscape, aiming to deliver optimal solutions to our clients. With a dedication to client satisfaction and transparent partnerships, we serve as your ally in Software Testing, offering services from consulting and manual testing to test automation.

Our mission is to make software reliable for everyone.

With a vision to make quality assurance a default practice for all software products.

Our goal at Fuserwise

is to exemplify service excellence to clients, highlighting our dedication to flexibility through transparent audit processes. We aspire to be a workplace where individuals can proudly work with confidence in both their future and their professional environment.

We believe that to attain our goals, it's essential to uphold the right values in our relationships with employees and business partners.


We are open and honest in all our actions and decisions, ensuring that all information is easily accessible and understandable to all stakeholders.


We believe the real difference comes from being transparent and adaptable. We actively listen to others and strive to assist them in every possible way to achieve their goals.


We are aware of and strive to actively address the impact of our actions on society and the environment, and working to make a positive difference in the communities where we operate.

Employee empowerment

We provide our employees with the tools, resources, and autonomy they need to make decisions, solve problems, and drive results, in order to improve their own performance and that of the company.

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