Fuserwise and Acodis

A Partnership in Optimizing Resources and Assuring Quality

The cooperation

Fuserwise, a Hungarian IT company, has partnered with Acodis AG, a Swiss Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform provider. The partnership aims to assure the quality of Acodis' platform and to free up their engineering resources by outsourcing testing and custom product solution tasks to Fuserwise.

To achieve this goal, Fuserwise has taken on responsibilities such as quality assurance, manual testing, platform documentation, and custom product solutions for Acodis. This has allowed Acodis to focus on their core competencies, such as product development and engineering, while still maintaining high levels of customer service and product quality.


Acodis AG,
Winterthur, Switzerland


QA, Testing, Product Solutions


January 1st, 2023


Testing - Development


While partnerships can bring many benefits, they also come with their own set of challenges. In this case study, we will take a closer look at some of the challenges that Fuserwise and Acodis faced during our partnership and how we overcame them. From communication and coordination to managing expectations and quality control, we will explore the issues that arose and the strategies we employed to address them.

Communication and Coordination

As the companies are based in different countries, coordinating and communicating effectively may be a challenge. This could be overcome by setting clear expectations and communication protocols, as well as by investing in tools and technologies that facilitate remote collaboration.

Different working styles and company cultures

Fuserwise and Acodis, despite being two different companies with unique working styles and company cultures, were able to align their processes and procedures through effective communication. To ensure seamless collaboration, the companies established clear protocols and procedures and made an effort to understand each other's company culture. To foster open communication, the teams made use of regular online meetings and clear documentations to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This approach enabled both companies to work effectively together and overcome any challenges that arose.

Integration of technologies and systems

Integrating the different technologies and systems that Fuserwise and Acodis use may be a challenge. To overcome this, the companies should invest in a comprehensive system integration plan and work closely together to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Quality assurance and control

Ensuring the quality of the work provided by both companies can be a challenge in a partnership, but it can be achieved by setting clear quality assurance and control procedures, regular check-ins and reviews, and utilizing technologies that can automate quality assurance.


The partnership between Fuserwise and Acodis has been successful in optimizing resources and assuring quality. Fuserwise took on responsibilities such as quality assurance, manual testing, platform documentation, and custom product solutions, allowing Acodis to focus on its core competencies. The companies faced challenges such as communication and coordination, different working styles and company cultures, and technology integration, but were able to overcome these challenges through effective communication, clear protocols and procedures, and investment in system integration. The partnership has resulted in a seamless collaboration between the two companies and assurance of high-quality work.

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