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Empowering Nonprofits: Donating Our Expertise

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Fuserwise has joined forces with Etesd, a non-profit organization committed to creating positive societal changes through food and gastronomy. This case study highlights the partnership between Fuserwise and Etesd, focusing on the collaboration to enhance Etesd's digital presence and empower their mission of promoting sustainability, healthy lifestyles, and social welfare through food-related initiatives.


Etesd, Hungary


Web Development & Support


May 22, 2023

Making Change through Food

Etesd is a social enterprise with a deep-rooted belief that societal changes aiming sustainability, while developing healthy lifestyles can be initiated with food, as expressed in their mission statement: ‘What if change started with food..?’. As a non-profit organization, Etesd engages in activities of high social benefit, aiming to make a positive impact on communities and society as a whole. By leveraging the tools of gastronomy and food, Etesd enhances children's basic, psychomotor, and social skills while promoting sustainability, healthy lifestyles, and healthy eating habits.

Raising Social Awareness and Support

One of the remarkable initiatives undertaken by Etesd is organizing charity cooking events. These events serve a dual purpose: raising social awareness and at the same time also offering support to those in need. Etesd collaborates with companies wishing to give back to society and contribute to positive social change. Through these charity cooking events, they also aim to support sustainable, zero-waste practices also promoting healthy lifestyles among participants while by the food prepared as a result of these charity cooking events they provide food support to marginalized groups.

The Partnership

Fuserwise recognizes the importance of Etesd's mission and is dedicated to supporting their objectives. As part of the partnership, Fuserwise is providing pro bono services to enhance and further develop the etesd.org website. By leveraging our expertise in IT solutions, Fuserwise aims to empower Etesd to effectively communicate their messages, engage donors, and promote their initiatives through their online presence.

Empowering Etesd's Digital Presence

  1. Website Development: Fuserwise has taken on the responsibility of developing and improving the etesd.org website. This includes enhancing user experience, optimizing functionality, and ensuring a seamless donation process.
  2. Digital Fundraising: Fuserwise is working closely with Etesd to support secure and efficient digital fundraising mechanisms. This enables Etesd to collect donations online and streamline the contribution process, ensuring that the funds directly support their mission.
  3. Message Promotion: Fuserwise collaborates with Etesd to strategically showcase their initiatives, events, and success stories on the website. By creating compelling content and intuitive navigation, Fuserwise helps to effectively convey messages and inspire others to join the cause.
  4. Technical Support and Maintenance: Fuserwise provides ongoing technical support to ensure the smooth functioning of the website. This includes regular updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting to keep the platform secure, reliable, and accessible to users.

Driving Positive Social Change Together

The partnership between Fuserwise and Etesd exemplifies the shared commitment to driving positive societal change through the power of digital support. By donating our time and expertise, Fuserwise enables Etesd to focus on their core activities of promoting sustainability, organizing charity cooking events, and supporting those in need. This way, we at Fuserwise hope to contribute to Etesd’s goals towards creating a better and more inclusive society.

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