Software Testing Solutions
at any scale.

We start small.
We scale with your product.
We allocate resources flexibly.

We can start small with no minimum contract time

There is no minimum contract period or resource allocation, we can start testing one day per week, switch between expert project initialisation by a test manager to test execution by a manual tester still not reaching one full time employee in total.

✓ For Startups

✓ For short-term development projects

We scale with your product easily in no time

Gradually upgrade your resource allocations as needed, increase your manpower or switch to another testing competency easily without the additional hiring, training or management need.

✓ For Startups

We allocate resources flexibly for your needs

Do you have irregular schedules or short-term project? Get access to our resource pool and use our testing capacity any time, even as short as for a few weeks’ time.

✓ For short-term development projects

Our proposal is simple.

Need a Hand, Scalable QA Team and Enterprise QA.

Need a Hand

For Software development companies with an existing QA team which needs a quick resource extension.

Extend your QA Team on a short notice
For short-term projects
Skip hiring and benching

Scalable QA

For startups to start testing their product or software development companies to start testing their short term projects.

Introduce QA from zero
Start small and scale easily
Get the most out of your budget

Get the right competencies for your needs.

Enterprise QA Team

For projects which are longer and more complex and requires all of our competencies and resources.

Follow a strategic approach
Get DevOps Support
Get Testing Education

We follow strategic approach.
We manage quality risks.

You get measurable results.

We manage quality

We take responsibility for what we do, manage the entire QA team and proactively improve your organization’s software-related quality assurance processes.




✓ For a sustainable testing

✓ For the best ROI in testing

We follow a strategic approach

We assess your organization’s testing maturity and propose a testing strategy that fits the your unique situation. Is structured professional testing necessary? Is it worth it? What is the ROI on test automation for your project?

✓ For transparent processes

✓ For the best ROI in testing

You get measurable results

We report on our work with full transparency and make sure we present clear measurable results regularly to support decisionmaking.

✓ For full transparency
✓ For plannable processes

Sounds good?

We are happy to have a discussion to discover the ways how Fuserwise can collaborate with you.

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Fuserwise’s scalable and flexible software testing services can help companies at any scale. Learn how.

We help Startups make their product reliable. We scale with the product. We do what you need.

We can start small and then scale up the testing resources gradually as you grow and quickly switch to different testing competencies as needed.

Our service scales with your product without time loss in hiring, trainings and a compulsory long-term commitment while acting just like your very own on-site team.

Using our flexible framework, introducing proper testing is now possible for the fraction of the costs of building up an on-site team.
We help Development Companies to take care of the quality of their projects. We join your development team and help with your QA processes.

Testing short term development projects is now possible with Fuserwise even for projects as short as 1-6 months with as little resource as 0.4 FTE.

Our calculator gives you the estimate for your project which you can use in your quote. It is transparent and plannable, just as our whole operation.

No need for in-house QA team at all. Even for a 0.4 FTE manual tester, we can assign a Test Manager who will coordinate, document and report the whole testing process.
We help IT Leaders with an external, objective view of their projects. We ensure that your reputation is safe and your product is reliable.

If you are an IT Leader, we provide you the objective testing resource you need, which is independent from your development team’s biases, but integrates well into your team providing monthly reports on quality and efficiency.

If you are a PM, PO or SM, we are safeguarding your user requirements, integrating closely into your team, but managing ourselves.

If you are a Test Manager or QA Lead, we can take your next project’s challenge (such as introducing automation or performance testing) on our shoulders or just balance the fluctuating resource needs.

If you are a CXO or Board Member, we ensure that your software product is reliable with an independent eye in a highly efficient manner, working closely with your development team.

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